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With more than 260 million residents spread across the 15,000 various islands that make up its archipelago, Indonesia is currently the largest economy in Southeast Asia and holds a meaningful position in the G20 as the 3rd fastest growing country after India & China.

Start-ups, agriculture, tourism & energy are only some of the various and impressive annually growing industries existing in Indonesia which for the past 20 years has provided it with financial stability and exponential growth.


Indonesia is one of the most fascinating start-up centers in Southeast Asia.

Multiple “unicorn” and “decacorn” companies have recently been established in Indonesia, which enables its steady positive economic growth thus producing a growing amount of innovation, entrepreneurial and consumer activity which is capturing the attention of the world.

With a young and vibrant population, over 50% of which is under the age of 27, Indonesia is a dynamic, bustling, consumer & mobile oriented market, which is ranked the 4th leading country in the world with regard to its use of the Facebook.

The Indonesian internet economy is projected to reach 100 billion dollars by the year 2025.

Today, Indonesia’s capital Jakarta is one of the most fascinating start-up hubs in Southeast Asia.

The bustling metropolis represents Indonesia in the top 500 startup cities list, as well as other cities such as Bandung, Surabaya & the Bali Digital Nomadic Center, which all produce an ongoing and growing number of start-ups, which are expected to increase by 20-30% in the upcoming year.

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Indonesia is home to over 265 million people 60% of the population is 40 or under

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Indonesia received some $43 billion in foreign investment in 2022, the highest in the country’s history and an increase of 44 percent from 2021

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